Websites for Teachers is a great new website focussed on the work of my very good friend, David Smith.  It features his books, articles, talks, lectures and interviews. Very highly recommended!


              FASTly is the website of the Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning based at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan and directed by David Smith. Here you will find e-books (including the ground-breaking ‘Entry Points for Christian Reflection within Curriculum’), recent curricula, book reviews, articles and audio-recordings of helpful lectures. Of particular interest to me is Kuyers Math Curriculum, not only as a former teacher of Mathematics but because of its roots in the Charis Project resources that David and I were involved in developing at the Stapleford Centre in England. Also from the Kuyers Institute are materials for teachers of Spanish produced by the Elsa Cortina Project and the recently developed Faith and Science resources of the FASTly website. is, in my opinion, one of the very best websites for resources to help Christian teachers who wish to reflect upon their teaching. It is the work of Harold Klassen of Teach Beyond. He has brought together a hugely impressive range of resources. This continues to grow … and long may it do so!


whatiflearning and are the websites of the Whatiflearning project. This project is for teachers who want their classrooms to be places with a Christian ethos or atmosphere, whatever the subject or age group they teach. It explores what teaching and learning might look like when rooted in Christian faith, hope, and love. It does this by offering over 100 concrete examples of creative classroom work and an approach that enables teachers to develop their own examples. is an inspirational blog by a friend of mine, John Dexter of Trinity School Nottingham. It is rooted in John’s experience of classroom life. is another inspirational blog and this one is by a former primary school headteacher. Huw Humphreys blogs frequently and always thought-provokingly. is a UK-based site giving a Christian perspective on society and the education industry. Lots of thoughtful reflections on contemporary developments for parents as well as teachers. is where you can find the International Journal of Christianity and Education published on behalf of Calvin College, USA by Sage Publications.  This new journal is the outcome of a merger between Journal of Education & Christian Belief and Journal of Christian Education and there are links to the archives of both these journals.


  EurECA is the website of EurECA (European Educators’ Christian Association). The materials available there include a set of ‘True Stories of Transformation from the Classroom’ presented at the 2009 EurECA Conference. is the website of the Association of Christian Schools International. A useful facility for finding ACSI-member schools in any country is accessed by clicking on ‘Find a School’ on their home page. is a web-page showing the work of a Christian textile artist (and good friend of mine). Inspired by her work some years ago on designing the Charis Project books, she has been using the reduced Fibonacci Sequence and Pi to produce some lovely fabric designs. is where teachers of English literature can go for the very popular and helpful free worksheet downloads of the Project. is a blog that aims to encourage, inspire and support Christian language teachers to develop a distinctive rationale and pedagogy for language learning. The blogger is Libby Colla who is based in Sydney, Australia and her blog is an outstanding addition to the resources available online for language teachers. is the website of the Association of Christian Teachers in England. A very helpful search facility enables you to access reviews of over 300 resources of likely interest to school and college teachers. is the website of a UK-based project aimed at raising the profile of teaching as a Christian vocation.  It has sections for both trainee teachers and teacher educators and a very helpful library section with a wealth of material including theological reflection, case studies, practical resources and testimony from serving teachers. . is a website focussing on informal education, lifelong learning, social action and community learning and development. It has extensive sections with extracts from the writings of inspirational thinkers like Parker Palmer, Nel Noddings, Martin Buber and Paulo Freire. is a very helpful website maintained by Steve Bishop (a member of the team that produced the Charis Science materials). It has an extensive list of books and articles on a Christian approach to education.