Some of my own Writings

These are some of my scribblings on teaching and learning and related issues. Where available, there are links to websites from which you can download them. (See also my PhD thesis on Reformed Epistemology and Education.)

Details of published books are also on my Amazon Author Page.

“The Heart of Teaching and Learning: Connectedness for Shalom”, Le Chéile:A Catholic Schools Ethos Journal, Issue 30, December 2018.

Review of Being Christian in Education by Hazel Bryan & Howard Worsley (eds.) in British Journal of Religious Education, 40:3, 2018, pp. 357-358.

Review of The Christian Academic in Higher Education: The Consecration of Learning by John Sullivan in International Journal of Christianity and Education, 22:3, 2018, pp. 302-303.

Review of Faith-Based Education That Constructs: A Creative Dialogue between Constructivism and Faith-Based Education by HeeKap Lee (ed.) in International Journal of Christianity and Education, 22:2, 2018, pp. 172-173.

‘Is Talk of “Christian Education” Meaningful?’ in Christian Faith, Formation and Education, edited by Ros Stuart-Buttle & John Shortt (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017).

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‘Metaphors by which we teach’, Anglican Schools Australia News, December 2015.

‘Education for Shalom: Dimensions of a relational pedagogy’ in Teacher Education in Challenging Times: Lessons for professionalism, partnership and practice, ed. Philip Bamber (London: Routledge, 2016)

bible-shaped%20teaching%20front%20coverBible-Shaped Teaching, published by Wipf & Stock, December 2014, available as a paperback from (free delivery to many countries), Amazon and other distributors and also as an e-book. It has also been published in Russian, Spanish and Latvian. Details and Endorsements.

‘Considering Dialogue Education in a Christian Faith Context: An appreciation and critique of Jane Vella’s On Teaching and Learning’ in The Theological Educator, October 14, 2011.

la%20biblia%20y%20la%20educacion%20cover%20001La Biblia y la Educación, Spanish translation of The Bible and the Task of Teaching (Mexico: El Faro, 2009).

‘Christian Education’: What do we mean?‘, EurECA Newsletter, Spring 2009.

‘Teaching for Wholeness’, a series of four presentations at the National Conference for Christian Teachers and Teaching Assistants, September 2008.

‘Daniel: A Good Citizen of Babylon’, EurECA Newsletter, Autumn 2007.

‘Education in the UK, paper presented at Ukrainian government conference on education, January 2006.

The Teacher as Storyteller’, Christian School Education, Vol 6 No 1 (2003).

‘Intuition and Christian Education in Postmodernity’, paper presented at Coalition of Christian Teacher Educators Conference at Calvin College, May 2002

‘Ethical and Religious Education in Schools in England’, paper presented at Ukrainian government conference on ethical and religious education, Kiev, March 2002.

bible%20and%20task%20of%20teaching%20cover%20001The Bible and the task of teaching, co-authored with David I Smith (Nottingham: Stapleford Centre, 2002). See here for a review by Steve van der Weele of Calvin College. The book is now out of print but copies can still be obtained through my Amazon Seller account or by contacting me directly. All the chapters are available as free downloads from this webpage.

‘From Sacred Text to Educational Context’, Whitefield Institute Briefing Papers, Vol 6 No 1 (March 2001), Oxford: The Whitefield Institute.

‘Metaphor, Scripture and Education’ by John Shortt, David Smith & Trevor Cooling, Journal of Christian Education, Vol 43 No 1 (May, 2000), pp. 21-28.

‘A Work of Art … in a Science Lesson!‘, SMSC Online, 2001.

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