Charis Science

Units A1 – A9 (for age range 11 – 14)


Unit A1 DIY Earth (Biosphere 2)

Unit A2 May the force be with you (ideas of force over time)

Unit A3 Whodunnit? (The story of Piltdown Man)

Unit A4 Art meets science (paintings depicting science experiments)

Unit A5 Stories in stone (interpretation of evidence)

Unit A6 Amazing numbers in nature (Fibonacci numbers)

Unit A7 The elements of life (reductionism)

Unit A8 Just skin deep (functions of the skin)

Unit A9 Just what is science?

Units 1 – 11 (for age range 14 – 16+)


Unit 1 The value of life

Unit 2 Body matters (healthy lifestyle)

Unit 3 It’s all in the balance (balance in living communities)

Unit 4 Watch your waste! (A holistic look at waste products)

Unit 5 A brief history of atoms

Unit 6 Metals

Unit 7 Most noble Nobel (discoveries used for good or ill)

Unit 8 Continental drift

Unit 9 There’s no place like home (the Earth)

Unit 10 The Big Bang (theories of origins)

Unit 11 Fuel consumption