Charis Mathematics

Units A1 – A6 (for age range 11 – 14)



Unit A1 Money matters (use of money)

Unit A2 Plotting perfection (use of coordinates)

Unit A3 A bath or a bucketful? (use of water)

Unit A4 Christmas activities

Unit A5 St Paul’s Cathedral maths trail

Unit A6 Fund raising

Units 1 – 9 (for age range 14 – 16+)


Unit 1 Some of our citizens are missing! (census errors)

Unit 2 Do you know your vital statistics? (mortality statistics)

Unit 3 What is normal? (measures of spread)

Unit 4 How much is your gift worth? (percentages and fractions)

Unit 5 The work of Oxfam

Unit 6 Fractals

Unit 7 The moment of truth and Statements (mathematical truth)

Unit 8 Can you draw it? (Networks)

Unit 9 The outer limits (Sequences and series)

Units 10 – 19 (for age range 14 – 16+)


Unit 10 The literal facts (statistical data on population and literacy)

Unit 11 The designer universe? (use of standard form and rounding numbers)

Unit 12 Believe it or not! (Methods of data collection)

Unit 13 Bucking the trend (correlation and cause)

Unit 14 But can you afford it? (responsibility for use of money)

Unit 15 Mr Kepler’s shapes (the work of Kepler)

Unit 16 The inside story (molecular structure)

Unit 17 What’s the time? (development of calendars)

Unit 18 Could it be you? (national lotteries)

Unit 19 Do you know where you are going? (history of navigation)